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Will my children’s great grand kids remember my weird name???

I probably didn't tell you about this interesting Gukwa, a ceremony i attended weeks ago. But worry not. In the Bafumbira culture, Gukwa is part of the events leading up to marriage, where the groom presents the demands made by... Continue Reading →

We rafted 12 kms on River Nile and it’s the best adventure

Like air ballooning, sky diving, surfing, fishing and ice skating among other games, water rafting to me was that thing I watched only on TV, movies and Olympic games but thought i would never do. Things you don't ordinarily find... Continue Reading →

A thrilling tale – When I braved bungee jumping on River Nile

Whenever there’s mention of activities that are characterized by adrenaline rush, certain things come to mind. Among them; motor racing, sky diving, ballooning and water rafting. The list is endless. But on the same list comes bungee jumping. Not a... Continue Reading →

Namboole: My 90 minutes right in the middle of history

My brother and I got to Mandela National Stadium Namboole 30 minutes to kick-off time (5pm). The whole of Uganda was literally ascending onto the stadium. The stampede started all the way from Kireka into the stadium. Was I surprised... Continue Reading →

Besides being a stop spot in case you need a taxi to get out of the chaotic city, Park Enkadde (Luganda for old taxi park) is one place that buzzes with activity. Call it a city within Kampala city. From... Continue Reading →

If you haven’t been to Rwanda before, there’s quite much that will intrigue you about this land of a thousand hills. My curiosity couldn’t just let me be for all the days I was there, multiplied especially by my Ugandan-ness.... Continue Reading →

There’s so much we like about this our motherland Uganda. Much as it remains subject to debate as to whether ‘the pearl of Africa’ is still a relevant description of Uganda, but at least we have good climate, variety of... Continue Reading →

Rwanda has always been known to me as that country to Uganda's south, whose policies and law are quite rigid. And also, whose history was quite catastrophic (God bless those souls lost in the 1994 genocide). It was only just... Continue Reading →

The First Appearance in a Night Club in 24 Years

I turned 24 in June. This piece isn't by any chance intended to recall events of that day because they were't the best. At 24, one has gained the ground to identify with adult youth hood. Trust me you'll have... Continue Reading →

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